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SHERIDANS LLC ‘s real estate professionals are licensed Realtors® who are uniquely qualified to offer you multiple proven methods for selling your real estate.

Whether selling by the Auction (traditional in-person or internet bidding) or the Conventional Listing method, SHERIDANS LLC has the proven ability to oversee your real estate and/or auction transactions in a manner that results in the highest return.

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SHERIDANS LLC utilizes multiple methods of advertising your property:

  • Proprietary and custom developed and e-mail databases. Click here to join.
  • National and Regional internet marketing
  • Various consumer real estate marketing portals, including:
  • Social Media marketing advertising on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other platforms.
  • Special marketing packages and relationships with local and regional newspaper and magazine publication
  • Professionally designed & prepared signage placed at your property and at nearby intersections.
  • Advertising literature available at area businesses and all Sheridan & Associates auctions
  • Radio advertising
  • … Along with other proven advertising methods and media.

Our multiple methods of selling real estate for our clients include:

The Auction Marketing Method:

SHERIDANS LLC real estate auctioneers have the experience and expertise to represent your interests!

  • No arbitrary limit on sale price! Listing real property conventionally necessitates placing a price on the property, thereby effectively placing a cap on the property’s final sale price. A SHERIDANS LLC Public Auction or Online Auction often results in a higher than anticipated final sale price.
  • No negotiating! The property sells with no negotiating over non-price issues.
  • You can sell your property only once! Our Public and Online Auction Methods provide effective means of bringing all potential buyers together at one location, whether physically or virtually. The resulting bidding atmosphere is often a lively and competitive one.
  • And why Internet Auctions? While not every SHERIDANS LLC Auction features an online component, many buyers appreciate the convenience and the anonymity that a SHERIDANS LLC state of the art Online Auction naturally provides.
  • Innovative Sales Tools! Using the most up to date techniques and technology, including the Real Estate Multi-Parcel Auction Method, SHERIDANS LLC provides both sellers and buyers with options to help them achieve their goals, thus providing each client and customer with the highest level of service to help them maximize their results.

Types of Real Estate Auctions:

  1. Absolute Auction Method: In selling Real Estate by the Absolute Auction Method, the Seller is legally required to sell the item to the highest bidder, regardless of the final bid price, once the bidding has commenced. The main advantage of an absolute auction is that it generates maximum response from the market. Since a sale is guaranteed regardless of the price, buyer excitement and participation are heightened. As a result, the price of the property can be maximized.
  2. Auction with Reserve Method: By selling Real Estate using the Auction with Reserve Method, the Seller reserves the right to accept or reject the final bid price. The main advantage of an auction with reserve is that the Seller is not obligated to accept a price other than one that is entirely acceptable. Therefore, the Seller is protected from an unsatisfactory price result!
  3. Sealed Bid Process: Whether selling Real Estate or any other asset, a SHERIDANS LLC Sealed Bid Process maintains appropriate privacy between prospective purchasers, often prompting purchasers who may be willing to spend much more than their competition to bid closer to their maximum price point than they would during a traditional Public or Online Auction.

Conventional Listing Method:

In selling Real Estate by the Conventional Listing Method, SHERIDANS LLC’s experience and expertise in marketing assets and negotiating contracts greatly benefits the Seller:

  • Maximum exposure! The main advantage of a Conventional Listing is that it provides the maximum exposure to prospective buyers since the property is available for purchase at any time during the listing period.
  • Flexibility! Almost anything is negotiable using our Convention Listing method, and this provides the greatest flexibility for the Seller and Buyer to negotiate a successful contract.


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. . . in Personal Property Auctions

It’s the SHERIDANS LLC heritage! We offer a full line of auction services covering a full complement of asset specialties, including recognized specialties in the marketing and sale of agricultural, commercial, and antique assets. SHERIDANS LLC regularly represents clients from both the corporate office uptown and the family home down the road.

Bidders at an auction


Our aggressive and cutting edge custom marketing plans regularly attract strong crowds of cash-ready buyers to bid on your assets. We strategically utilize traditional tools such as print media, direct mail, and signage and modern technologies such as Internet based and social media platforms to bring the right buyers to your event.

Auction Option

We love to offer options to our clients and our customers. We work with each client to determine which Auction Option will best meet the needs for each situation:

Traditional Live Auctions:

  • It’s the tried and true method of selling one or an entire collection of items. The face-to-face competitive bidding atmosphere of a SHERIDANS LLC live auction continues to produce high quality ready and willing buyers for your assets.
  • From our own Cedar Land Event Center, we can host 400 attendees to your event. With state-of-the-art features such as free wifi, professional lighting, and over 10,000 square feet dedicated to presenting your items in a professional and pleasing manner, we can host your auction event, relieving you of the stress and worry that a crowd of people at your home or business may bring.
  • And, yes, we can still conduct your live auction at your home or business location.
  • We are leaders in using current and progressive tools to ensure that not only are we providing a great atmosphere and strong results, but also that we are able to account appropriately for the sales and related costs of your live auction event.

Online Auctions

  • We were early adopters of internet auction technology and we regularly use these technologies to maximize results for our clients.
  • Whether using a Timed Online Bidding format or a Live Bidding (simulcast) format in conjunction with a live auction, a SHERIDANS LLC Online Auction provides geographically diverse and quality buyers from across the US and the world.
  • Our quality bidding platforms bring quality customers to bid on your assets.

Whichever auction method you choose, SHERIDANS LLC is dedicated to executing transactions that bring high returns on the sale of your assets.

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. . . in Buyer Representation Services

We recommend all Buyers use a Realtor® as a Buyer’s Agent when purchasing real estate. A SHERIDANS LLC Buyer’s Agent will work for you to protect your interests, search for your dream property, assist in negotiations, set up private showings, coordinate with your lender and title company, and more.

  • Experience
  • Customized local and regional Multiple Listing Service (MLS) searches based on your wants and needs
  • Protecting your Interests
  • Free Service to you, the buyer

Allow SHERIDANS LLC to assist you in finding and purchasing the perfect property for you.

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. . . in Asset Valuation and Appraisal Services

Relying on our extensive company database provided from past sales of Real Estate and Personal Property and from other reliable sources, SHERIDANS LLC professionals have the knowledge and capability to provide the most reliable valuation services to meet your needs.

Our expertise in the Real Estate and Personal Property fields allow us to offer our clients flexibility in appraising all types of Real and Personal Property Assets including Residential, Agricultural, Commercial, Recreational, and all other special use property types.

SHERIDANS LLC regularly conducts appraisals and other valuation services for a wide variety of professional and consumer-based clients.

Whatever your marketing or valuation needs,

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